As a traveller, you are always hoping to meet the right person however, after countless first dates and many failed relationships, you tend to lose all hope. However, it is often in the most unlikely places that you may meet Mr. or Mrs. right without even searching for them.

This happened to a friend of mine who was born and raised in the central part of Russia in a small city where there were not many art museums. She had been on many dates but just could not find the right guy. She always wanted to have an artist for a husband, someone whom she could talk about different art periods and techniques. However, there were not many artists to be found in a small city.

Her sister moved with her husband to Miami and being close to her sister, she decided to visit her for a month. Towards the end of her time there, she decided to visit one of the local art galleries. While exhibiting, she bumped into a young man who was fascinated by the same picture she was looking at. Retelling me the story she could not remember the museum or the artist. However, she did remember the young man. Being in a small museum and being one of the only few people in the room they started to exhibit the rest of the museum together discussing their likes and dislikes of the museum’s exhibits.

The conversation continued in one of the local coffee shops, where she learned that he was Canadian and was indeed a part time artist and a financial analyst full time. He had moved to Miami from his suburban Canadian lifestyle to forget his last girlfriend who broke his heart. After a few months, he had forgotten all about her but enjoyed the Miami lifestyle so much that he decided to stay.

The only draw back that they had was after two full days of spending talking about art and everything else under the sun she had to return home to Russia. Deciding that the conversation was too good to not exchange numbers, they got each others contact information and off she went.

For the next few months, they continued their discussion via E-mail and phone. After which point, she could not think of anyone other than him and his inspiration for painting has never been higher. To both of their shocks, they have decided to meet in person again, this time in Turkey (due to visa limitations) it was to be agreed that they both would fly in for a week long beach vacation. Both nervous as they were not sure what to expect in person, they got on the plane.

Upon meeting each other and spending a couple of days on the beach. He decided to propose no matter how mad this may seem not only did they know each other for only a couple of months but they had only spent a total of 5 days together! To even greater shock she excepted.

After a lengthly process of getting a marriage license and deciding where to live, she arrived in Toronto a year later as officially his wife. I have yet to meet a couple more in love! They have been together for over five years now and are in the process of having a child.

Nothing could stay in the way of two people who fall in love with each other, nor time, age, distance, passports or even language in some cases. If your passion is to travel, then you have a much larger pool of people to choose from then those that stay in their own backyards!