We all know that people travel for different reasons. Some for beach, history, museums,. shopping, festivals and the list goes on. Here are the different types of destinations by traveler type:

  1. Beach – probably the most popular type of traveler is the one in search of the beach. This is not surprising as most people only have a few weeks of vacation and the thought of spending it running around the cities when we do that for a living is too much. 329
  2. Cruise – Those that want to see a few things at once while staying comfortable on a cruise ship. Now you can pretty much take a cruise ship anywhere in the world including rivers of Europe.
  3. Adventure – There are people that travel in order to experience an adrenaline rush they cannot experience back home.
  4. Skier & other winter sports – Skiing in the Alps in the winter, skiing in Chile in the Summer. These travelers visit countries that they can ski and experience the thrill of conquering another mountain.Skiing2Bin2Bthe2BAlps
  5. Golfer – Golfing in Bermuda is a much different experience than golfing in Scotland.
  6. Nature – Regardless of destination, you can always find some places to hike, lakes to swim in and animals to see.
  7. Culture – Love to visit museums, experience a unique culture and learn something new? Then you are culture buff traveler.
  8. History – there is something about standing in the middle of a 2,000 year old temple or exploring ancient Egypt.IMG_0204
  9. Scuba Diver – Exploring the world under water, is a completely different traveler than the one that lies on the beach driving martinis.

In the next release of the Visited Travel App, you will be able to create your very own travel map based on interest or type of traveler you are. Of course you can be both a beach vacationer and a golfer, so have fun marketing all locations you have both skied in and Scuba Dived. You can also share it with your friends to see who been to more “Beach locations” or done golfing in more countries.