In the spirit of romance and love, I have often wondered where the top places to propose or to be proposed to are. Yes, there is Paris, which is the oldest clichĂȘ in the book and there is the Empire State building or Central Park, New York which Hollywood has used as romantic places in the movies. It has been done and overdone to propose where you first met which is almost impossible for those of us who have met online. So I have thought about the places which I visited and thought of the funniest/most unique places where one could propose.

1) Romantic Road, Germany – Not only are you surrounded by beautiful farm houses, but what’s a better place than on a road trip along such a romantically named road?

Romantic Road, Germany

2) Top of a Mountain– Any Mountain, preferably the one that took you a few hours of hiking to overcome. This will not only be a big surprise, but you will literarily be able to scream your love from the top of a mountain.

Top of the Mountain, Lake Placid, NY, USA

3) Snorkelling – Great Barrier Reef or any other place. What a better way to get her attention by pointing to a cool fish with her engagement ring as a pointer. Just make sure you protect the ring and do not lose it, as it will be at the bottom of the ocean for a while.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

4) Bruges, Belgium – Alternatively any small town in France or Belgium which has a Chocolaterie – Who does not love chocolates? What a better way than getting your ring inside a chocolate or better yet, ask them to write will you marry me all in chocolate!

Chocolateria, Brugees, Belgium

5) On a Camel in the Middle East Desert – Just make sure that you pay for the full ride to get on and off the camel as there are cases where they allow you on and ask for the same payment to get you off the animal. Otherwise, it is very romantic!

Camel Ride, Egypt

Do you have a unique or unusual place that you proposed or intend to propose? Please share!!!