Snorkelling2Bin2BCaribbeanEscaping winter in your home town to a warm, sunny destinations is a dream come true. Beyond the critical clothes, flip flops, bathing suit and toothbrush – there are some items that are great to bring to the beach that we sometimes forget to consider. Here is our top 10 suggested suitcase add-ons for sunny destinations:
1. Snorkel – Bring your own snorkel to explore marine life in the ocean – who knows what you will find… or what will find you!
2. Underwater Camera – Capture the memories of your water sport activity, swimming and wet adventures without worry.
3. A ball or two – Bring some light sports equipment to pick up a quick game on the beach as everything is better in the sand. A football or beach tennis is always a great add-on that is sure to add some laughter to a vacation.
4.Deck of cards – For those nights underneath the stars, playing a game of cards to pass the evening is a great way to have a romantic evening or make new friends in the lobby.
5. Aloe Vera Lotion – Packing sunscreen sometimes just isn’t enough… A burnt back can quickly ruin your enjoyment so be sure to bring Aloe Vera cooling gel with you to ease the pain and speed up the healing. It’s a lot cheaper back home.
6. Bug Spray – Avoid the pests and the itch by protecting yourself from mosquitoes after sunset. Especially for those heading to Zika infested countries.
7. Music speakers – Earphones are great especially if you are sharing the beach with strangers, but if you have a piece of the beach to yourself – blast the music and party under the sun.
8. SPF Lip Balm – When the sun gets too hot, the UVA and UVB rays can get you and nothing hurts more than burnt lips – trust me. Protect your body with SPF Lip Balm.
9. Driver’s License – Wherever you are going, beautiful other beaches are not far away. Be sure to bring your license so you can rent a car and explore the beauty of the island.
10. The Classic Beach Read – Take a break from technology and bring a good beach book on your vacation and take advantage of the peace and quiet.
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