It is no secret that food is a special part of any travel experience and Europe is well known for its chefs and Michelin stars restaurants. However, if you want to submerge into country’s authentic cultural culinary oasis go to the food market. In Lisbon (Portugal’s capital) it is a  ‘Time out’ market located inside the historic Mercado da Ribeira.

As any European food market place it is a picture of endless spotless food counters representing a kaleidoscope of food flavors and aromas for any taste, nonstop waterfall of buyers and tireless smiling sellers. What really makes it special is a food hall of about 24 restaurants serving high quality food for any taste.Portugese fish

Rows of put together tables where locals and tourists come and go sharing the joy of food. The very atmosphere is carrying you away. It is a true ‘time out’ where the name is fully justified. The buzzing noise does not irritate but soothes you. Flavors mixture awakes a good healthy appetite. Crowd of people from all other the world relaxes you and makes you a part of human race united by the appreciation of cooking talent. People are smiling, chatting, rising glasses of wines or beer praising the chefs. What amazes is the speed of high quality cooking and serving. If you like seafood you would be pleasantly surprised by freshness, taste, presentation and price way below what it should be. In a crowded food places I always look at men’s faces when they see the plate in front of them and start eating. One of the men consuming fried dorada (sea bream) reminded me of my cat purring over its food. He also licked every fish bone he managed to pull. We smiled but when our dorada arrived I think some people shared laughter looking at us. We looked exactly like two cats loudly purring while eating a cooking delight. Visit Lisboa ‘Time Out’ place and you would bring home an unforgettable experience and a piece of warmth of Portugal people, their impeccable taste and  culture.

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