We all have this dilemma where to travel to next? Some of us have been almost everywhere and have a hard time finding a destination of interests while others have so much to see they have no idea where to start. Picking a destination can be hard, but how does one go about figuring out where to go to next?

1) What are you in the mood for? 

Adventure – Destinations such as Latin America, Africa, Asia
History – Destinations include: Italy, Greece, Turkey, Mexico, Egypt, Middle East, Part of Asia .


Culture – Mostly European Capitals


Skiing – North America, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Northern Europe, Chile, New Zeland
                             Beach – Destinations include: Caribbean, Mediterranean, Thailand, Florida, Brazil
Wildlife – Destinations include: Costa Rica, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania


Wine Country – Destinations include: California, France, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Australia


Luxury – Destinations include: Bora Bora, Maldives, Seychelles, Dubai, Paris


Culinary Adventure – Destinations will depend on your taste buds, but typical places include Vietnam, France, Spain


Road Trip – Anywhere within driving distance!

2) What is the weather like? It may not be a great time to go to Spain for a beach vacation, while it is a perfect time to visit Brazil’s beaches. At the same time weather may play another role as Paris in August is a sure way to spend a vacation in long touristy line-ups.

3) Possible destinations are now narrowed down, whats left is to find deals and price out the couple of options that are left! Searching sites like Google Flight, Skyscanner and checking your favourite airline’s promotions will help narrow down the search.

Bon voyage!