The Romance of Caribbean

Caribbean is a place where most people think of white sandy beaches, palm trees, rum and romance. After listening to Reggae, you may have a romantic version of relaxation and “no worries”. If you listen to Soca music, you may think of the Caribbean as a destination for beautiful girls with feathers and a happy mood of celebration. You can do many things in Caribbean other then eat and swim, including water skiing, diving, snorkelling and dancing to name a few.¬†Below is a short guide to most islands in the Caribbean to help guide you into making your choice.

Devil’s Bridge, Antigua

Aruba: also known as a Happy Island, it belongs to the Netherlands Antilles and is about 30 KMs off the coast of Venezuela. It is most known for its divi trees. It is an upscale destination where you feel at home without having to worry about bottled water while enjoying the beautiful vibrant city of Oranjestad and its beaches.

Antigua: An island in the West Indies and a former British colony. It is known as a place with a beach for each day as it has 365 beaches which are full of white sand. Also, you will find lots of donkeys roaming this little island. If you venture to Barbuda, you will find great snorkelling and diving.



Bahamas: Consists of over 700 islands and is a short boat ride away from Miami. Nassau and Freeport being the biggest destinations for tourists. Nassau has the famous Atalntis Resort which is filled with dolphins, sharks and other marine life. This is a great island for those that wish to be surrounded by luxury and it has all the comforts that you would expect in anywhere in the US.

Barbados: This island, believe it or not,  has the best fish I have ever had in my life. Even if you do not like fish, I guarantee you will love their fish! If you do venture out of your resort, you will find Bridgetown to be a typical British colony metropolis. The people are also always smiling which is a bonus!

Cuba: The place that Americans do not visit but you will find lots of Europeans and Canadians. Havana is the place where 1950s and 1960s cars roam the streets and the old Spanish architecture can be found. Varadero is where most people end up and it is lined up with resorts and white sandy beaches. For those that love to Salsa, this place is for you!

View of Island from the plane

Dominican Republic: A place that can be afforded by most and has incredible lush greenery (Jurassic Park was filmed here). For those that love to latin dance, Merengue was invented here and can be heard in all the clubs. Due take precaution when travelling here, unless you are staying in a resort. You will need to make sure that you do not drink the local water.

Blue Lagoon, Jamaica

Jamaica: The third largest island in the Caribbean and is most known for Reggae, runners, the bobsled team and Rum. You will find incredible waterfalls at Ochos Rios which you can climb (make sure you bring water shoes that will not slide). If you spend some time on this island, make sure you try their patty’s and jerk chicken, which although maybe a bit spicy is worth it. Blue Lagoon is where Hollywood films are shot and millionaires have their houses. It is also said that for those that take a dip in its water, will look and feel ten years of younger.

Maho Beach St. Martin
The locals of Caribbean

St. Martaan/St. Marteen: An island which is divided between the French side (Marigot) and the Dutch Side (Philipsburg). Known as a cheap jewellery destination, you can find tax free high quality diamonds, gold and watches at wholesale prices. It is also the destination with the best French food in the region.

Turks and Caicos: Snorkelers and divers heaven! It is the most biodiverse island with lizards, snakes and plants as well as diverse marine life like no other island. It is considered the third largest barrier reef in the world but of course, it does not compare to the Great Barrier Reef.

Of course there are other islands which will probably cost you a bit more to visit such as: Bermuda, US and British Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands to name a few.

What is your favourite Caribbean Destination?